Pink and Carey Hart Enjoy A Day Out Without Baby Willow (Photos)

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Pink and Carey Hart had a day out without baby Willow.

It looks like mommy and daddy needed some time away from baby Willow!

Pink and husband Carey Hart were spotted putting gas in their motorcycles before taking a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway on Sunday (September 4).

One day earlier, the celebrity parents took Willow to the Malibu Chili Cook-Off Festival.

How often do you get time alone away from the kids? What do you like to do during this time?

Check out the photos below of Pink and Carey Hart on their hogs!

  • Pink 1 of 8
    Pink fills her bike with gas.
  • Pink and Carey Hart 2 of 8
    Pink and Carey Hart
    Pink and Carey get annoyed by the paparazzi.
  • Pink and Carey Hart 3 of 8
    Pink and Carey Hart
    Pink and Carey set off down the coast.
  • Pink and Carey Hart 4 of 8
    Pink and Carey Hart
    They set off down the coast.
  • Pink 5 of 8
    Pink putting all her worried behind her!
  • Pink 6 of 8
    See you later paparazzi!
  • Pink 7 of 8
    Pink looking super tough.
  • Carey Hart 8 of 8
    Carey Hart
    Carey following close behind...

[Photos via Pacific Coast News]

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