Pink Carries Adorable Willow Out of Her New York Hotel (Photos)


Are you still smiling at the way Pink stopped her concert last week to offer comfort and treats to a crying little girl in the audience? Me too.

That’s what makes these photos all the more special. Watching her cradle her daughter, Willow Sage, makes you realize that she’s a true mom – nurturing to her own child and compassionate towards others’ children.

The two left their hotel in Manhattan on Wednesday – no doubt headed toward the Connecticut resort where she performed that night.

Isn’t Willow starting to resemble her mom more and more? Hope she inherits her mother’s spirit as well.

  • Ladies in leggings 1 of 5

    Pink and Willow both wear comfortable legwear.

  • Facing the crowd 2 of 5

    Pink is used to cameras clicking, but Willow still looks surprised to see how much of a fuss people make over her mom.

  • Snack in hand 3 of 5

    Willow keeps hold of her bottle as Pink lets the crowd get a few quick pics.

  • Go for the gold 4 of 5

    We're loving Pink's gold nail polish. Maybe it goes with one of the outfits she wears in her concert?

  • Windblown 5 of 5

    Willow looks cozy in her puffy jacket and sneakers, but maybe she could use a hat like Mom's to keep her hair safe from the chilly breeze!

[Photos: via PacificCoastNews]

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