Pink Floyd's Keyboardist Leaves $38M To Kids, Nothing To Wives


RICK WRIGHT FROM PINK FLOYDOuch. The details of longtime Pink Floyd key-meister Rick Wright’s will were unveiled today and the size of his fortune isn’t what’s making headlines. Instead, it’s the fact that he left all of his $38M and royalties to his kids and nothing to their mothers.

Even Wright’s sister and her kids were given some pretty generous six-figure sums in Rick’s will, but his wives… maybe he lost them on the dark side of the moon.

Granted, Wright’s 3 ex-wives probably got a pretty decent settlement and he probably paid some major child support throughout the years. His most recent ex, Millie Hobbes, divorced him about a year before his death. So, maybe we shouldn’t be too hard the deceased.

Rick was a founding Pink Floyd members and was thus a pioneer of psychedelic keyboard sounds that made the 60s and 70s, well… the 60s and 70s.  Being a member of PF for decades, Wright also had a pretty nice stream of royalty checks coming in. He died last year after a long battle with cancer

In his will, he also requested that his kids throw him “a really good party,” leaving the guest list up to his two oldest James, 42, and Gala, 39.  Wonder what kind of refreshments and party favors they’ll pick out?

Wright’s youngest son Ben, 17, will have to settle for just being set for life.


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