Pink is Not a Sell-Out!

Pink willow
New mom Pink

Shhhh, I’ll tell you a little secret: lean in real close. Ready?

Celebs get free stuff.  I know, you are shocked.

Companies send celebs clothes and other gifts in the hopes that they or their children will be photographed with the product and the company will get some attention.  Do I wish that would happen to me? Sure. I love free stuff. But, that doesn’t make me hate celebs or think that they are doing anything shady when they get all the swag.

But, not everyone feels like that. Pink is often on twitter and when she tweeted her thanks to companies who sent things to Willow, someone questioned her motives.

The accusation: “Oooooh @Pink is whoring out her Twitter for free baby shit, no?”

And Pink’s response: “NO> they already sent it to me, pepe la douche.”

In most cases, when celebs get sent free products, they are under no obligation to talk about the products, so Pink was simply being nice and sharing with her fans where Willow’s outfits came from. My Retro Baby, Posh Mommy, Cutie Pa Tutus, and CITEFUZZ are the companies she was thanking, in case you are curious.

When you are in the spotlight like Pink is, people are going to find something to criticize no matter what.  Someone probably would have been upset if she hadn’t mentioned the companies, too.

Photos: PCN

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