Pink, Kate Beckinsale Take Kids to Malibu Chili Cook Off (pics)


Just what do celebrity moms do with their kids for Labor Day weekend? They head to the Malibu Chili Cookoff!  Underworld Star Kate Beckinsale had fun with daughter Lily Mo, age 15.  Pink was also spotted with baby Willow.  What attracts celeb families to the Chili Cook-off?  It’s a giant fair, complete with carnival rides and live music.  And oh yeah, the Chili Cookoff.   Chili competitors compete to win the “Chili Crown.”  Who could resist?

And what do you wear to Chili Cook-Off?

If you’re Kate, you look super chic in black.  If you’re Lily ( almost as tall as mom, with the same great hair) you rock white cut-off shorts.  Pink wore a tight red tank (that screamed “breast feeding mom”) and cargo pants.  Translation, wear whatever is comfortable.

This year more than 12,000 people are expected, so we can bet more celeb families will show up. The Chili Cook-off  runs through September 5th in Malibu.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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