Pink Pregnant Photos, Plus Pink's AMA 2010 Performance "Raise Your Glass" (Video)

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Pink pregnant photos online

Pink pregnant photos are in hot demand after Pink performed at the AMAs 2010. Pink’s pregnant, but that didn’t keep her from rocking the American Music Awards, singing “Raise Your Glass” (video). Did you see Pink’s baby bump?

Earlier this month, Pink pregnant photos began to make their way online, as fans wondered whether or not Pink was pregnant.

The first Pink pregnant photos were spotted showing Pink with what appeared to be a small baby bump, as she looked to have a tummy in a baggy pair of jeans.

When Pink pregnant photos of the singer in a bikini made their way online, it seemed to all but confirm the pregnancy news, but Pink’s appearance on Ellen DeGeneres last week finally answered all the rumors, as she confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.

Do you think Pink looked pregnant during her AMA Awards 2010 performance?