Pink Relives Her Past In New Way With Baby Willow

pink, willow sage hart
More late nights for Pink.....

Motherhood changes us all. For most of us, our carefree days go out the window as we usher a new life into the world. Despite the exhaustion, it’s time to treasure. Yet most of us aren’t rock stars who are used to being on tour, living in a bus, and staying up all night. So you can imagine life as a new mom for Pink must be a time of immense change.

But this rock star is not only rolling with the punches, she’s enjoying every minute of it.

She tweeted about the change just today, and how it’s slightly similar to her old pre-mom days:

yeah!!!!!!!! up all night!!!! reliving my past… i’ve just replaced techno music with ocean sounds- glow sticks with night lights.

Pink gave birth to her daughter,  Willow Sage Hart on June 2.

Image: Wikipedia

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