Pink Takes 5-Day Old Baby Willow Sage to the Beach!

Pinks baby
Pink takes 5-day old Willow to the beach.

Pink may have just given birth to her first child five days ago, but that didn’t stop her from taking new baby Willow Sage on her very first trip to the beach! You can see a photo here of Pink and Carey Hart with little Willow safe and sound in a Baby Bjorn strolling along the beach as a family.

Babies really shouldn’t be out in the sun until they are at least six months old, or at least that’s what most pediatricians recommend. From the looks of it, baby Willow was very well covered and didn’t seem to be exposed at all to the sun’s rays.

Pink must be very eager to get moving and start trying to shed her baby weight if she’s already up and at ’em just five days after giving birth. I pretty much sat on the couch and cried for two weeks after I brought my son home from the hospital. These celebrity moms really know how to bounce back quickly!

Photo: Pacific Coast News


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