Pink Tries Yoga With Willow And Fails

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Pink tries yoga with Willow and fails.

It’s been almost two months since Pink delivered her baby girl, Willow Sage, and the singer has decided it’s time to get her body back into shape! And what better way than to start with yoga.

The only problem lies with the fact that one must try and do the exercise in peace and quiet. But having a 2-month-old who is not only watching, but being coerced into participating by their doting mom, could cause a bit of a problem.

Pink recently tweeted this message on Tuesday (July 18) saying, “just tried 2do yoga class w/ a 6 wk old.even dressed her in buddha onesie thinking it’d keep her calm. wrong. so wrong. no dwnwrd dog 4 me:)”

Better luck next time, Pink!

What struggles did you overcome to get your body back into shape post-baby?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]

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