Did Pippa Middleton's Green Evening Gown Upstage Kate Middleton Dress? Pippa is Hot!

Pippa Middleton green evening gown
Pippa Middleton changed into an emerald green evening gown

Pippa Middleton’s green evening gown is turning lots of heads and causing some to wonder if Pippa upstaged the bride, her sister, Kate Middleton.

Pippa Middleton is hot, hot, hot in this stunning emerald green dress – who designed Pippa Middleton’s evening dress?

The floor length green gown was designed by Alice Temperley, who sums up Pippa beautifully: “She is a beautiful young woman, with such elegance and looked stunning at the reception.”

Kate Middleton’s reception dress was definitely stunning as well, but a bit more understated than Pippa’s eye catching colored dress with the plunging neckline – Kate’s white dress is gorgeous, but definitely doesn’t have the same flair as Pippa’s.

At the royal wedding, Pippa also earned plenty of compliments for her gorgeous figure hugging dress… a Pippa Middleton Facebook page admiring her um… backside… is gaining plenty of fans too.

Pippa Middleton made our royal wedding best dressed list… do you think Pippa upstaged Kate today?