Pixar Painting: Amazing Unreleased Incredibles Poster

Another Look at The Incredibles

Acclaimed Pixar director Brad Bird shared an amazing piece from the Pixar vault via Twitter this week— a previously unreleased poster for his masterpiece The Incredibles (Bird also directed Ratatouille).

This piece of stunning artwork was hand painted (not done on a computer using some fancy schmancy program) by the legendary commercial illustrator Robert McGinnis. Mr. McGinnis is known for iconic posters for such classic films as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Barbarella, and several James Bond movies. He had actually started his career at Walt Disney Studios as a apprentice, he then went on to have great success creating book and magazine covers.

And this particular poster for The Incredibles became an instant collector’s item. After Bird tweeted about the poster, a collector in Los Angeles put ten that he had up on eBay as a “buy-it-now” for $48.15 a piece.  Apparently some prints were made for Pixar employees (at least that’s what the seller assumed). And if you have the urge to click off this piece and go to eBay and snap one up, you are too late. The posters sold out 45 minutes after Bird retweeted the eBay offerings. Yup, there are some very lucky Incredibles fans out there right now!

Check out the entire Incredibles masterpiece below:

Photos Source: Twitter/ Brad Bird



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