Playground Etiquette...For Celebs


Spring has a way of drawing out bluebirds, crocuses, and star parents at New York City’s playgrounds. Most recent spotting: Ethan Hawke, in a trucker cap, with 19-month-old Clementine on his hip. Also seen at the same West Side playground: one award-winning novelist with a toddler in tow, and way too many moms in Uggs, given that the temps topped 50 degrees. Which means, yes, it’s time for the season’s first lessons in celebrity playground etiquette! Ready? Lessons after the jump!

1. Shower before hitting the park. When sidling up to Ethan (or Liev, or Padma, or Sarah Jessica) you’ll want to be sure your busy-mom hair is clear of Cheerios, applesauce, and wayward diaper cream.

2. Don’t pester the celebs. They want to hang out in peace. Just kidding! Gently hassle the stars all you want! But at least be sly about it. Step 1: Put your tyke on a trike and have the child lightly slam the celeb in the shins. Step 2: rush over to apologize, profusely. Step 3: “Have I mentioned how much I loved Reality Bites?” Note: It’s best to leave your spouse at home when attempting this degrading trick.

3. Bring good snacks. Unwrap the bounty (sugar works wonders) within eyesight of the A-List progeny, and you’ve got the kid hooked. And where child goes, parent follows. If the celeb you’re looking to impress is named Gwyneth, make sure the eats are organic and free-trade.

Finally, report back! Got a good story about swinging on the monkey bars with with Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? We’re all ears.

PHOTO: Pacific Coast News