Playstation Phone A Hoax? If Not, Your Kid Will Want It For Christmas!

playstation phone
Playstation phone: This is what it will look like

Your tech-savvy kids may have a new gadget on their Christmas list this year. The long-rumored Playstation Phone is reportedly becoming a reality, and it will hit the market in time for the big holiday, according to reports. Gamers will be able to purchase and download games from their PSP phone through a special Sony Marketplace, according to a story on Engadget this week. It says it will run on the Android 3.0 system.

But is this all a hoax?

That’s what people were saying about the so-called Google phone a couple years ago, and Sony likes to keep its new products close to the vest until they’re ready to go. I don’t see anything about it on the Playstation blog today.

What do you think is the Playstation phone for real? Do you want one? Would you buy one for your kids?



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