Please Don't Let There Be A David Letterman Sex Tape


david-letterman-and-son-harry-225x3003For the good of all mankind, let’s all hope and pray that the rumored David Letterman sex tape is a.) a complete and total fabrication, or b.) if it’s not a hoax, that it will remains sealed in vaults of CBS until the end of time. That’s right folks, rumor has it that CBS security cameras may have captured some brain-scarring video footage of Dave with a young staffer.

Apparently, while Dave thought he was in the safe and private confines of his backstage office, doing the nasty with however many 20-somethings, he might have actually still been on candid camera. Say a snoop to The Enquirer:

“Dave apparently didn’t know the location of the security cameras at his Late Show studio…

If the tape makes its way into the criminal case, it’ll explode his marriage to smithereens…

It’s one thing for him to have publicly admitted to having had sexual relations with some women on his staff. It’s another to see him in the throes of passion with one of those women.”

You can take some small comfort in the fact that this news comes from the National Enquirer, which has been know to exaggerate. But still, the NE breaks some real news every once and a while. Case in point, the John Edward sex scandal. They seem to be good at breaking high-profile sex scandals.