Poll: How Much Is Technology a Part of Your Child's Day? Leelee Sobieski Says None At All!

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Leelee Sobieski

Kids today have all sorts of children’s programing on TV at all hours of the day. They play computer games and can teach their grandparents to play along with them. My 2 year-old could work my iPhone better than I could when I first got it.

But, not all parents embrace technology. Celeb mom Leelee Sobieskiwants to raise her daughter the old fashioned way: without technology! No TV or games for her daughter Louisanna “Lewi” Ray. There is only one song that she’ll watch on the computer and a 5-minute short film. No other shows and no games!

While I don’t want my kids to watch tv or play video games all day, Leelee’s view seems a little extreme. Click to take our poll on how much technology you allow for your children:

How much technology is part of your toddler/preschooler’s day?online surveys

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