Poll: Is Jessica Simpsons Elle Magazine Cover Tasteful Or Tacky?

Which cover shot do you like better?

I’ll be honest here. How is it that Jessica Simpson‘s Elle cover in the buff isn’t a two-page spread? Or was the photo shoot taken during her first trimester?

I kid, I kid. I looked very much like Jess when I was in her pregnancy stage, too.

While I have never seen a more beautiful and glowing pregnant celebrity than Jessica (I’m not kidding here she is gorgeous), I’m a little disappointed that she decided to pull a Demi for her first major interview during her pregnancy. We’ve seen this so many times before (Britney Spears, Mariah Carey), that it’s just not creative or interesting any more.

In my opinion, Jessica would have came out much more beautiful if she had a gorgeous dress on her or some sort of appropriate maternity wear. It’s not that I’m being conservative here, it’s just that her cover in the buff comes off as a little boring.

Tell us, do you like her Elle magazine cover? Do you think it was tastefully done or tacky?


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