Poll: Would You Get A Tattoo Like Kelly Ripa?


Kelly Ripa revealed her new tattoo on the David Letterman show Monday night.

When Dave pointed it out she lifted her wrist and exclaimed, “My new tattoo! It says ‘Consuelos,’ it’s my last name.”

Ripa got the tattoo a week ago and did it to honor her husband Mark Consuelos. She spoke about his reaction, which didn’t sound enthusiastic.

“So I came home and said, ‘I have a surprise for you… do you notice anything different?’ And he said, ‘You got your haircut.’ ‘No, I did not get my haircut. Anything else?’ ‘You got…Botox?’ ‘Nooo. Anything else?’ He named about 17 different things: You got your teeth laser whitened…. I said, ‘I got a tattoo. With your name on it.’ And he goes, ‘Oh honey, that’s permanent.”

They’ve been married 13 years and have three kids together so I think it’s sweet. What about you? Take the poll below!

Would you get a tattoo on your body spelling out your loved one’s name?survey


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