Poor Zuma Rossdale Has a Cast on His Arm! (Photo)

zuma rossdale
Zuma Rossdale seen wearing a new cast on his arm.

Earlier in the week, the National Enquirer published a report that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s 2-year old son Zuma had been rushed to the emergency room after falling off a counter top in their Beverly Hills home. Though we weren’t sure whether or not the story was legit at first, it now looks like it can be confirmed as true.

This new photo of little Zuma was taken at the Huntington Botanical Gardens, and as you can see, his arm is in a sling and has a cast on it. It definitely looks like he had a pretty bad break!

Mom Gwen Stefani wasn’t taking any chances on injuring Zuma’s arm any further, so she pushed him around in a stroller instead of letting him run loose.

Supposedly Zuma had to have a pin put into his wrist, so chances are he landed right on his arm when he took the fall. Accidents happen, but it is never easy to see your child in pain, so this has to be pretty tough for Gwen and Gavin!

Big Brother Kingston was also spotted crawling over the seats of the family SUV for the outing at the gardens. Boys will be boys, I guess!


kingston rossdale
Let's hope Kingston doesn't hurt himself too!


Photos: Pacific Coast News