Poppy Montgomery's Son is A "Wild Man Toddler"

Poppy Montgomery

Oh boys, boys!  I have two of my own and can totally relate to actress Poppy Montgomery.

“I thought I was going to get a girl that wanted manicures, pedicures and would, like, brush my hair,” the actress, 39, told People.

“And I got a guy that is jumping off my head and leaping off of tall buildings.”

Montgomery’s son Jackson is 31/2 and is a “wild man toddler” and a “rebel, total boy.”

I know exactly what she means I have two rambunctious boys of my own and they don’t stop from dawn to dusck.

“He’s got so much energy…He’s honestly like having six children.”

Yes Poppy, it truly is… which means I have 12 kids!

The Aussie redhead has a new television series debuting this fall called Unforgettable.

She starred in Without a Trace on CBS so she knows what work-family balance is all about.

Montgomery says balancing career and family “not easy, but doable.”

“I worked the first year of [Jackson’s] life,” she says. “I was back at work two weeks after he was born breastfeeding on set. It was wild.”

Wild or insane?

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