Portia De Rossi Takes Ellen Degeneres' Last Name: Are Kids Next For The Couple?

Ellen DeGeneres Portia De Rossi
Portia De Rossi Changes Last Name To Degeneres

Portia de Rossi has legally changed her name to Portia Degeneres, taking the last name of her wife, Ellen Degeneres. The official document says that her name now reads Portia Lee James Degeneres.

The couple married in 2008, and Portia says, “I am thrilled to legally adopt my wife’s name. I will continue to use Portia de Rossi for professional purposes.”

We can’t help but wonder if Portia decided to take Ellen’s last name so that any future children she shares with Ellen will have the same name as her.

Ellen, however, says that she and her wife are not ready to start a family, and hints that it may never happen. “I don’t think we’re going to have kids. We have animals, and we love them.” She also adds that they are happy now without children.

Never say never, right? Ellen and Portia can always change their minds down the road. I’m sure they’d be unbelieveable parents!

Photo: PRPhotos