Posh Spice - Setting A Good Example For Her Kids Through Hard Work


Victoria BeckhamHow was Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham – able to go from performing with one of the world’s most popular Girl Groups, to being one of the most talked about fashionista’s? According to her, it’s because “I don’t do anything by halves,” (which I think is British speak for not doing anything half way).
Beckham spoke to the New York Times, where she appeared on the cover of the Sunday Styles section, and also said . “If you’re going to do something, do it properly, I think. Otherwise there is no point in doing something at all.”  Those are solid words of advice especially since Beckham is a mother of 3!  The former Spice Girl known as Posh had had a recent string of good luck with regards to her fashion line. In addition to being on the front page of the Times Styles section, she has also been nominated for a British Fashion Council Award for designer brand of the year!

The celebrity mom seems to be setting a stellar example for her three young sons, even admitting that she still has “a long, long way to go” as a designer.
Would you wear a Victoria Beckham design?

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