Possibly Pregnant Gisele Bundchen Isn't Afraid to Get Dirty! (Photos)

Gisele Bundchen Gets Dirty!

Is she or isn’t she. That is the question. Right now the jury is out on whether we can tell if Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen is really pregnant. But one thing for sure, she is making something grow, but in this case trees!

Gislele is down in Brazil on a tree planning mission. Along with the mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes and the Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira, Gisele planted the first of 50,000 new trees that will be put into the ground during the Green National Festival (part of World Environment Day).

Check out more photos of Gisele getting her hands dirty right here. Can you see a baby bump?

  • Is that a Baby Bump? 1 of 5
    Is that a Baby Bump?
    Could that be a baby bump? She seems a little fuller, or perhaps it's just the T-shirt.
  • Gisele Gets to Work 2 of 5
    Gisele Gets to Work
    Gisele planted the first tree!
  • Hard at Work 3 of 5
    Hard at Work
    She's hard at work while everyone looks on.
  • A Little Water 4 of 5
    A Little Water
    She does a bit of watering of the new tree. Bet it's going to be a good one!
  • Ta-Da! 5 of 5
    Gisele presented the tree to the world!