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This has been the toughest year my family has had to endure. There have been so many ups and downs, close calls and setbacks with my mother.  My siblings and I are spent. We are over exhausted, emotionally drained and hanging on to the thinnest strand of hope.

My mother left her house on April 19, 2013 thinking that she had indigestion. She called my brother to take her to the hospital just to be sure everything was OK. She has not spent a night in her home since that day.  She had undergone major heart surgery on April 25 and since then has had any and every complication possible.

Over the last 8 months, my mother has had to relearn to speak, eat, drink, write, and dress herself with assistance. The simplest things that we take for granted, my mother has had to learn all over, like a child. The most recent thing she had accomplished was learning how to walk with a walker. No great distances. She could make it about 15 yards or so before having to sit from exhaustion.

The week before last, we were notified that Medicare would no longer cover my Mothers stay in rehabilitation and she had to be moved. She needed too much care to bring her home. We opted to put her in assisted living with rehabilitation for 60 days in the hope that at that point she would be more stable and could make a go of it here at the house.

Last weekend I had a show in Manistee, MI. I had seen my mother before leaving town and wasn’t really happy with her situation.  She seemed to be getting depressed and withdrawn. I texted my siblings saying “When I get back in town Sunday, I’m taking Mom home.  She seems sad and withdrawn and I need to get her around the family and the children.” As the bus was rolling out of town Friday night I received a call from assisted living notifying me that my mother had fallen and was in the ambulance. They wanted to know what hospital to take her to.

There we were, back in the hospital.  The same place we had spent 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 6 1/2 months by my mother’s bedside. It was, unfortunately, a very familiar place for us. After x-rays we learned that when my mother fell, she broke her hip.  She had undergone surgery to put in place a rod and pins. The experience was defeating. It was like taking 3 steps backwards from where I left her last Friday.

She’s just been moved back to the rehabilitation facility.  She’s not able to put weight on her leg and spends a good deal of time flat on her back in bed. With only a couple weeks left of medicare, I am praying for a miracle. I pray that my mother makes improvements quickly to at least get back to the point she was at before her fall. I want to take her home! She has this crazy connection with my 20 month old. She needs to be near him. I feel strongly in my heart that she needs to be near us and the “home” environment.

Since I was a child I always believed in the magic of Christmas. Now as an adult, I am praying for a Christmas Miracle. I pray that my mother will make fast improvements and be well enough to come home for Christmas.


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