Pregnancy Won't Slow Kendra Down



Kendra Wilkinson says that even though she’s pregnant, she’s still the girl next door.

Nothing has really changed for Kendra,  she is still working out, which she should. She also still hikes and dances on her stripper pole, she’s not going  to let this pregnancy slow her down one bit.

She must not have morning sickness, or better yet, the all day seasick feeling that won’t go away, no matter how many times you stick your finger down your throat.

How awesome for her! Yes, I’m jealous, so what!

She also says that Hank is a really great guy. He’s very hands on about the whole pregnancy thing, making sure she’s taking care of herself.

Kendra’s next big project, a pregnancy stripper-pole workout.

I guess she hasn’t come to the, oh crap, I have no co-ordination part of her pregnancy yet.


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