Bump Watch: Pregnant Alyssa Milano Dances with Prince (Photo)

Alyssa Milano pregnant photo Prince concert
Alyssa Milano shows off baby bump at Prince concert!

Check out a pregnant Alyssa Milano dancing with Prince in this photo!

Milano shared the pic on Twitter, showing off her baby bump in a photo snapped at a Prince concert. The concert was a surprise date planned by her husband, David Bugliari.

Alyssa Milano tweeted: “My husband is taking me on a surprise date!!! I have no idea where we are going but I’m in heels.”

Later, Milano took to Twitter to post the pregnant photo, writing: “I’m the pregnant one dancing next to Prince.”

The date night was a success, as Milano shared, “Prince is a genius. Truly.” She added, “They don’t make them like him anymore. Real music performed by real musicians & such an amazing showman.”

Alyssa is a total preggo cutie… how lucky to join the stage at Prince’s concert. Totally jealous.

Milano has been one of our favorite bump watches – love that she shares so much on Twitter!

Image: Alyssa Milano Twitter