Pregnant Beyonce & Her Baby Bump: What Really Happened - Is it Prosthetic or Real?!?

Beyonce and her belly bump?

Could all this internet hub bub be much ado about nothing? After video surfaced of what looked like a deflating baby bump, there was some accusations that Beyonce could actually not have a bun in the oven, that she is actually wearing a prosthetic. The assumption is that she may actually have hired a surrogate and that she is pretending to be pregnant. But why would one of the biggest stars on the planet go through all that trouble? And what really happened during the now infamous belly deflating video…

Odds are that no one – no matter how careful they are with their image – would go through such a big charade to pretend they were knocked up. So – for now – let’s assume that Beyonce is in fact pregnant. So why did her belly look so odd. One thing that could be to blame in the lighting. The lighting was standard studio lighting with key lights being high above, this could cast shadows in odd ways when not being on the mark. Also a culprit? Her dress. The material could have been the folds we see, not her belly. Or her tights or some sort of Spanx could have folded over in an odd way.

It seems that Beyonce will have to pull a Demi Moore Vanity Fair type cover, showing off her naked belly, to disprove all the doubters.

What do you think?