Pregnant Camila Alves Indulging a Pregnancy Craving? (Photos)


Great, now I want pizza.

Model and mom Camila Alves picked up some take out pizza after visiting the salon and I can nearly smell the yum from here.

With two kids at home — 4-year old Levi and 2-year old Vida and her husband Matthew McConaughey it looks like she picked up enough for the whole family. Perhaps it’s a pregnancy craving that’s driving her to pick up pizza (I couldn’t get enough of it when I was pregnant), but one thing is for sure — this mama-to-be looks amazing!

Click through to see more photos of Camila looking amazing — oh, yeah and pizza:

  • Pregnancy Craving? 1 of 5
    Pregnancy Craving?
    Wonder if it's been a long day and she doesn't want to cook or if she is craving pizza?
  • Toppings? 2 of 5
    Do you think she's a peperoni kind of pizza eater or more veggies?
  • For the Family 3 of 5
    For the Family
    I bet the kids will be happy to see this pizza is for dinner!
  • Looking Amazing 4 of 5
    Looking Amazing
    Wearing all black plus sneakers, Camila looks amazing! Of course.
  • Her Hair! 5 of 5
    Her Hair!
    She has crazy-gorgeous hair. I'm only a bit jealous.

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