Pregnant Halle Berry Finally Reveals Her Baby Bump! (Photos)


Pregnant celebrity mom Halle Berry has finally revealed her baby bump! Well now I can really, really believe that she is going to have a baby! Att he premier of “The Call” in Rio De Janiero Halle looked happy and stunning in a black, lacey gown showing off that bump!

I am a little surprised she is already showing her bump, but happy to see it! It is the best part of watching celebrities pregnancies!

  • Premier 1 of 12
    Halle is attending the premiere of 'The Call' in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Curves 2 of 12
    What gorgeous curves Halle has!
  • Fun! 3 of 12
    Ross Gallo who is a co-start of the movie... they are enjoying each other
  • Hmmm 4 of 12
    Well Halle is in couture and he is in jeans.. interesting
  • Happy 5 of 12
    Halle is beaming!
  • The Bump! 6 of 12
    The Bump!
    So exciting to see this baby bump!
  • Nahla 7 of 12
    Nahla must be so excited!
  • Love! 8 of 12
    With all of her arms Halle is loving this baby to be!
  • Confused! 9 of 12
    This dress is a little confusing to me..
  • Front Bump! 10 of 12
    Front Bump!
    How does she get a dress to fit like that with a bump?
  • Side Bump! 11 of 12
    Side Bump!
    No one can say that her bump is not real!
  • Halle Berry 12 of 12
    Halle Berry
    Halle Berry, showing off her baby bump in a revealing black dress

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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