Pregnant In Heels: If You Were a Celeb Mom-to-be


maternity conciergeCan you imagine what pregnancy would be like if you had someone to cater to your every need during those nine months?

A lot of celeb moms might have this luxury: they can afford to hire a maternity concierge. What is that? Well, the new Bravo reality show “Pregnant in Heels” follows one.

 Rosie Pope runs a full service mommy concierge service.  She helps design nurseries or takes moms shopping for baby gear, among other getting-ready-for-baby tasks.

She also helps them select the perfect baby name, by conducting a focus group.  Not that the expectant couple thought that the expert panel had any good ideas. Really: a think tank to decide on a baby name. They eventually decided on Bowen Asher.

On “Pregnant in Heels,” you see Rosie call in a therapist if an expectant mom doesn’t seem to be prepared emotionally for a baby.

I think that last one is really what gets to me: the rest of us just have to figure it out after we have our babies!

While these sorts of services might not seem that crazy to celeb moms-to-be, who have personal assistants and other staff, I was shaking my head during the whole show.

Did you watch Pregnant in Heels? What did you think?