Pregnant Jessica Simpson Channels Demi Moore: Who Did It Better?

Who did it better?

Posing nude while seriously pregnant is apparently a rite of passage for famous women so it’s no surprise that Jessica Simpson stripped down and bared all for March’s cover of Elle.

The second I clapped eyes on Jessica Simpson’s nude cover I immediately thought of the woman who went before.  Decades before.

Demi Moore has been there done that.

In fact, Simpson’s pose is nearly identical to Moore’s pose on the cover of Vanity Fair.  Moore’s 1991 cover, shot while she was 7 months pregnant with daughter Scout, was shocking at the time.  Simpson’s…  Not so much.

Which cover do you think is most beautiful?  Click below to see a larger side-by-side comparison.  There’s something about Moore’s photo that draws me in.  Where Simpson is vamping and sexy, Moore is natural, beautiful, almost ethereal.  What do you think?