Pregnant Jessica Simpson: How BIG Will Her Baby Be? Will She Have a C-Section?

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is like totally huge. And having been a huge pregnant woman once myself,  I for one can tell that she will be having a big, big baby. Ellen DeGeneres joked that she looked like she was pregnant with a “15-pound baby.” But a 15-pound baby is a very rare thing, so how big WILL Jessica Simpson’s baby be?

“They said definitely over eight [pounds],” Jessica said. “There is only one [baby], there is only one girl… But I did get knocked up by a baller … A big football player.” And in her Elle Magazine interview they stated that “her impending bundle of joy is expected to weigh in at a healthy 10 pounds.”

One thing Jessica Simpson knows for sure?  “Labor is really going to hurt,” she stated to Jay Leno.

But with a baby that big, she may just opt for a C-section. Although many women opt to give birth vaginally in the case of a big baby, sometimes the big ones have a bit of a hard time getting out. The official term is macrosomia. BabyCenter stated that,  “A large baby also means you’re more likely to have a cesarean, although since it’s difficult to determine your baby’s exact size before birth, in some cases c-sections are performed “just in case” (if you’re measuring large, or have other factors related to macrosomia) when the baby is actually of average size.”

How big do you think Jessica Simpson’s baby will be?

Image: Twitter