Pregnant Julie Chen Is Ready To Make A Move



CBS’ TV personality and Big Brother host Julie Chen, will become a mom in the next few months.  And because of work, the 39-year-old does a lot of traveling, which is becoming harder the further she gets along in her pregnancy.  Julie realizes it’s soon time to settle down and call one place, home.

Julie splits her time between Los Angeles – for Big Brother – and New York for The Early Show, but soon she will make the West Coast her home until her baby boy arrives.

Chen told Ryan Seacrest, “I’m going to have to stop flying, I’m not going to have to stop doing Big Brother, hopefully.”

She added, “If all goes according to plan, we’ll probably have our finale around September 15th, so that gives me two weeks before my due date and I’ve been trying to be very healthy and follow doctor’s orders.”

This is the first child for Julie and fourth for her husband Les Moonves.