Pregnant Kelis: I Want This Little Martian Now!



Singer Kelis is so ready to have her baby.  She’s at that stage of get this child out of me now… stat!

From BCK:

“I feel like I have been pregnant forever ok yeah the better part of a year! Its an eternity. Literally living in purgatory! I’m so ready[sic]!”, the singer revealed yesterday via her twitter account.

She added, “My rib cage is being attacked by my stomach which is anialating my lungs! I want this little martian now! I can’t wait the suspense is crazy[sic].”

Kelis also revealed amidst her hormonal rants that she hates spandex and can’t wait till she is dressed in “corsets and tight jeans”

 “I hate spandex and after this baby I never wanna see a legging again! I may go on an anti american aparell tyraid! Course wouldn’t be fare to that establishment since they have litterally kept me clother for the past 8 months. But good grief a girl can only stand but so much lycra in one lifetime! I have had enough I want corsets and and tight jeans and platform stilettos and I want it now![sic]”

Aw, I so remember those days!  I hope the rest of her pregnancy goes smoothly and baby comes soon.


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