Pregnant Kim Kardashian Rebels: Goes ALL White (Photos)


Kim White

Kim Kardashian has been, admittedly, struggling on how to dress her  growing body. The mom-to-be wrote in her new “mommy blog” about her issues writing: “At this stage I guess I’m more focused on concealing the weight gain than I am about dressing the bump, just because it hasn’t popped yet.”

While many would think, “concealing weight the gain,” would mean dressing in black or a darker shade, but not Kim Kardashian. Nope she rebelled and wore ALL white. And although it did draw attention to the fact that she has, as she said in her own words, “gotten wider,” she still looks amazing!

Check out more photos of Kim in her all white ensemble as she heads to the airport.

  • Head to Toe White 1 of 5
    Head to Toe White
    She really went all out with the white.
  • Kim Photobombed! 2 of 5
    Kim Photobombed!
    She was totally photo-bombed by some guy! Hilarious.
  • Travel Worthy? 3 of 5
    Travel Worthy?
    She also rebelled by wearing all white while traveling! Traveling can be very messy.
  • Radiant 4 of 5
    One thing for sure, she looked very radiant in all white.
  • Curves 5 of 5
    The all white ensemble really highlighted her curves!

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