Pregnant Kim Kardashian Is Getting Tired...and No Wonder! (Photos)

Kim Kardashian is Looking Tired

I remember when I was pregnant I would get exhausted. I would nap dawn, noon and dusk. And that was just when I was in the comfort of my own home. Kim Kardashian is pregnant and is not only jet setting (last week she was in Paris, then New York City) and doing high profile appearances (like on the Today Show). I don’t care how much luxury you have along the way, you will get tired from all that.

Kim Kardashian was spotted at LAX on Thursday, returning from a whirlwind trip to New York City, and looked like she was ready to head home and take a well deserved nap!

Check out Kim Kardashian and her trench coat covered baby bump right here:

  • Her Pal 1 of 6
    Her Pal
    And check out the outfit her traveling companion is wearing!
  • All Business 2 of 6
    All Business
    It looked like Kim was ready for business with her trench and her briefcase!
  • The Hair 3 of 6
    The Hair
    Her hair was carefully swept to one side, but where are her bangs?
  • The Trench 4 of 6
    The Trench
    Kim covered up her baby bump with a classic trench.
  • Keeping Closed 5 of 6
    Keeping Closed
    You can tell Kim was intentionally trying to keep her coat closed to cover her baby bump (albeit a very small baby bump).
  • Tired 6 of 6
    But one thing, I hope Kim goes home and gets some much needed rest!


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