Pregnant "Man" Thomas Beatie Getting A Reality Show?


thomas-beatie-pregnant-namowBummer. I really hoped against hope that Thomas Beatie, despite his very conspicuous uniqueness, was looking forward to raising his children in a caring, if not kinda weird, family environment. I thought maybe he’d get a manly job as a plumber or auto mechanic and all would be groovy. But nohe wants a freaking reality show.

According to the NYP, Thomas and his wife Nancy are looking to profit from their family’s idiosyncrasies. They’re pitching the show to Oxygen and TLC (hoping to kick Jon & Kate while they’re down) so they can put their two children’s (Susan and Austin) formative years on TV for all to see. The pilot is titled “Meet the Beaties.”

Personally, I’m hoping that this whacked out family doesn’t get a reality show. It’s not that I object to the Beaties having a show over Octomom, but I think it’s just time to draw the line.

I’m starting to think that losers are starting to consider having a dysfunctional family as a career path. With Jon & Kate, the Masches, and who could forget Octomom all getting their own reality shows, it’s starting to get a little too much like a child exploitation freak show for me.