Pregnant Snooki in LA! Charlie Sheen, Newt Gingrich, and Teddy Bears! (Photos)

Snooki in El Lay!

Pregnant Snooki ain’t just sitting around eating bon bons and nesting waiting for the birth of her baby, the girl is busy and working, working a whole lot!

Snooki has been in Los Angeles, and not only is she spending time with her dad, but she was also seen spending time (or at least a moment) with a wide variety of luminaries from Mario Lopez to Charlie Sheen to Newt Gingrich – an interesting mix for sure!

Check out photos of Snooki and her crazy days in “El Lay” right here!

  • Snooki & Charlie Sheen 1 of 7
    Snooki & Charlie Sheen
    "Charlie and I tonight on Kimmel! Xoxo"
    Source: Twitter
  • Snooki & Newt Gingrich 2 of 7
    Snooki & Newt Gingrich
    Snooki hanging with Newt and his wife...and odd pairing!
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  • Snooki & John Cena 3 of 7
    Snooki & John Cena
    Nice! "@JohnCena Thanks for chillen with me today!!"
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  • Snooki & Marc Malkin 4 of 7
    Snooki & Marc Malkin
    Snooki and Marc Malkin from E! Online. Snooki tweeted to him, "My bump loves you."
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  • Snooki & Cambio Girls 5 of 7
    Snooki & Cambio Girls
    Snooki hangin' out with the Cambio Girls. br> Source: Twitter
  • Snooki & the Bear 6 of 7
    Snooki & the Bear
    "Lorenzo got a teddy !!"
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  • Snooki & Mario Lopez 7 of 7
    Snooki & Mario Lopez
    Mario pats Snooki's baby bump. Cute!
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Photo: Twitter