Pregnant Snooki on Belly Kicks, Her Daddy & Hormones! (Plus NEW Photos)

Snooki Knocked Up and Peaceful
Snooki Knocked Up and Peaceful


Snooki has had a busy week! On Tuesday morning she woke up and made an appearance on the Today Show and Live with Kelly, then got on a plane and jetted off to Los Angeles. Which gives us one big clue on when she is going to be due (it won’t be too soon since she’s traveling!). On of the big things she is doing is visiting with her father, who will be a grandpa soon.  Jionni stayed home but is already missing Snooki, he tweeted, “Have fun on the West coast babe! I’ll be watching you & im so proud of you! Love you wife . ;)”

She’s still enjoying her pregnancy tweeting, “I love the night time cause that’s when I feel my son kick the most ” But there is a downside…her hormones! She tweeted, “Oh GAWD i am SO Emotional! I’m listening to Neon Trees “Animal” & crying because it reminds me of falling in love with Jionni. Hormones.” Cute! But one thing she’s excited about (besides her baby and seeing her daddy that is)? She tweeted, “OH MY GOD. Finding Nemo 2?!?!?!”

Check out some new adorable photos of the preggers Snooki right here:


  • Future Grandpa! 1 of 7
    Future Grandpa!
    "Spending a few days w my daddy ❤"
    Source: Twitter
  • The Dynamic Duo! 2 of 7
    The Dynamic Duo!
    "Preggers & Wowzers ❤"
    Source: Twitter
  • TV Time! 3 of 7
    TV Time!
    J Woww and Snookie on Live With Kelly
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  • Snooki Looking Adorable 4 of 7
    Snooki Looking Adorable
    How cute does she look!
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  • Jionni Relaxing 5 of 7
    Jionni Relaxing
    "My man wearin my sunglasses"
    Source: Twitter
  • Snooki and Big Ang! 6 of 7
    Snooki and Big Ang!
    "Look at this sexy bitch! @biggangVH1"
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  • Jionni and a Baby! 7 of 7
    Jionni and a Baby!
    "Jionni practicing awwww"
    Source: Twitter

Photos: Via Twitter