Pregnant Snooki Practicing with Her Fake Baby is Now Getting Creepy (Photos)

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi & Her Fake Baby

Okay, when we first saw pregnant Snooki and Jwoww walking around with fake babies in the form of plastic dolls, it seemed like a silly one-day stunt. But yet again – on another day – Snooki was out and about with her pal Jwoww and their fake babies.

The two are in the midst of filming their spin-off show and it appears that practicing motherhood will be one of the plots. It’s like one of those homework assignment for teenage girls where they’re given an egg to take everywhere with them to learn what it means to care for something. But an egg nor a plastic baby doll are not what being a mom is about. But I’m sure it’ll be entertaining TV, especially with what Snooki is wearing for her maternity wardrobe.

Check out more photos of Snooki and her plastic doll baby here!

  • Snooki & Her Baby! 1 of 4
    Snooki & Her Baby!
    Yeah, this looks totally awkward.
  • Hot Pants 2 of 4
    Hot Pants
    Snooki and her hot pants!
  • Taking the Baby for a Drive 3 of 4
    Taking the Baby for a Drive
    Snookie took her baby for a drive, but where is the car seat?!?
  • Snooki and JWoww 4 of 4
    Snooki and JWoww
    Snooki and her BFF JWow walked the streets with their babies