Pregnant Vanessa Lachey: Every Day Is A New Adventure!


vanessa lachey, pregnancy cravings
Vanessa Lachey is trying to eat constantly.

Jessica Simpson may be coming to the end of her pregnancy, but Nick Lachey’s new wife Vanessa Lachey is just at the beginning of hers. And according to the former MTV VJ, it’s been smooth sailing – so far!

“It’s going great! I have no complaints — it’s been fun,” the Summer Wipeout co-host, 31, told Us Weekly on Tuesday. “It’s been a fun process. Every day is a new adventure!”

While the couple still doesn’t know the gender of the baby, Vanessa is sharing a very creative idea her sister-in-law found on Pinterest when telling friends and family the good news. “My sister-in-law found this great idea on Pinterest to put the colored cupcake cream in the middle. If it’s a boy, you put blue, and if it’s a girl, you put pink cream in the middle of the cupcake.”

So far, Vanessa hasn’t had any crazy cravings, but she’s “just trying to eat constantly and be aware of what I’m putting in my body and to maintain my caloric intake. . .The only gift I can give my baby right now is what I put in my mouth and how I am health-conscious about trying to stay active.”

Lachey is being smart about her pregnancy. She says, “I’m not going throw caution to the wind. [My baby] is actually developing and growing. I think about everything I eat and drink.”