Pregnelope Cruz Ready To Take Some Time Off


pregnant-penelopeReason #99 that Penelope Cruz is pregnant: she’s decided to take a break from her career. To top off the mountain of circumstantial evidence that Penelope Cruz is preggers, she’s recently announced that she’s going to be cutting back on her workload. Hmm,  I wonder what that  could mean…

Says Penelope:

“The turning point was when I realised I was measuring the years going by according to whatever the films were I was working on, the countries I was shooting in. I was a total workaholic. I think that’s what I needed to do then. Now I can work, but I’m not on movie sets the whole year. I can say no until there is something I really need to do.”

Photographers have been reporting Penelope baby bump sightings for most of the summer. Then, Page Six noticed that Cruz seemed to be avoiding all unnecessary photo ops. Now, with this latest announcement, it’s as if Penelope’s pregnancy is all but a certainty. Still, why not share the news?

Penelope Cruz’s pregnancy has to be the worst kept secret in celebrity-ville, but she still hasn’t officially confirmed it with the media, so all of the details (including who’s the father) are sketchy at best.

Because of their longstanding relationship, Javier Bardem is suspected to be the daddy, though his lips are apparently sealed as well.