President Obama Celebrates Birthday in Chicago with Oprah


President Obama turned 49 yesterday, and with his family otherwise occupied (First Lady Michelle Obama and Sasha are vacationing in Spain; Malia is at summer camp), he turned to his Chicago friends — including Oprah Winfrey —  to ring in the year before the big 5-0. The President spoke to his family by phone, which according to his spokesman was “the highlight” of his day. But another highlight must have been where he dined: Chicago hotspot graham elliot. (The small caps are on purpose — it means it’s tres fancy.)

Politico describes graham elliott as such: The owner is Graham Elliot Bowles, who was a contestant on Top Chef Masters. He describes his restaurant as Chicago’s first ‘bistronomic’ restaurant. Basically, it’s funky food. The menu features eclectic flavors and twists on the usual fare — root beer bbq sauce, anyone? Perhaps POTUS is trying to keep cool as he gets older because the web site says the place does away with ‘old world’ type of restaurant atmospherics — white table cloth, tuxedoed servers — and replaces it with ‘hip music, dynamic gastronomy, and a lively and relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to Oprah, the President was joined by Oprah’s BFF Gayle King, Eric Whittaker, Marty Nesbitt, and Valerie Jarrett.