President Obama Ditches Press for Daughter's Soccer Game


On Saturday, President Obama ducked out of the White House and headed to his daughter’s soccer game–without bringing the press pool with him.

For most of us, attending our kids’ soccer games without an entourage is a hardly newsworthy. But traditionally, the press pool travels with the President wherever he goes. The idea is to provide a public record of the President’s activities and verify his comings and goings. His departure from them–and from protocol–was highly unusual.

No word on why the President ditched out on the media. Last month, he had no problem allowing them to escort him to Sasha’s basketball game, so we know that he isn’t completely opposed to having them at his daughters’ sporting events. I wonder if his daughters expressed a preference that he come alone, or if he himself was anxious for a little normal parent time, without all the cameras and questions.

According to Politico, the President isn’t saying much about the whole thing, referring to it only to remark, “Apparently, I caused quite a problem.”

On the one hand, it must be tough to balance wanting to attend activities for his kids with not wanting to be a distraction. On the other hand, the press pool follows the President with good reason. Do you think he should be able to ditch his press when he’s with his kids? Or is it all part of the job?

Source/Source/Photo: Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson