President Obama on Letterman: I Was Black Before The Election (VIDEO)


obama-letterman-video-2009President Barack Obama appeared on David Letterman last night and talked about everything from his family to health care reform. And Obama showed off his keen sense of humor and comic timing, as seen in this clip when Dave asked him about Jimmy Carter’s theory that the recent vitriol and hatred directed towards him in many town hall meetings and debates is fueled by racism. “It’s important to realize that I was actually black before the election,” Obama deadpanned, drawing a huge laugh from the crowd and leaving Dave in hysterics. See the video after the jump.

Obama spoke warmly about daughters Sasha and Malia and their summer vacation, saying they “bascially just goofed off during the summer, which I couldn’t do.”

“Others have,” Letterman cracked.

When asked about the effect that being the President’s daughters has had on them, Obama said he was more worried about the girls in their teen years. “I suppose they are going to want to go on dates,” he said, “and I’ll have all these men with guns around. At that point they may have some stress.”

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