Pretty Little Liars Episode 17 Recap: When Will We See A?


watch pretty little liars online pretty little liars pretty little liars premierePretty Little Liars Episode 17 just keeps this show as one of our guilty pleasures. Did you miss it?

We’ll tell you what happened!

The Braille message that Jenna made says “214,” according to Toby.  Spencer and Toby spend more time together.

Emily’s mom stands up for her after Paige’s father has a fit over Paige losing her captain position on the swim team.  Paige and Emily share a kiss.

Aria and Hanna make up. Aria’s dad goes in for a parent-teacher conference with Ezra and is jealous because Ezra has asked Ella (and other faculty members, though Aria’s dad doesn’t know this) to an author’s lecture.

Good thing Hanna was hiding bad-boy Caleb in her house, because he ends up figuring out that it’s a con man who is trying to convince Hanna’s mom to let him into the safety deposit box that her mom has “borrowed” money from.

The girls got themselves into enough trouble without A, but A does send an exterminator over to Hanna’s house about an infestation in the basement. A also places flowers on Mrs. Potter’s grave.

Did you watch Pretty Little Liars episode 17? What did you think? If you missed it, you can catch it on ABC Family on demand or you can watch Pretty Little Liars episode 17 online.