Pretty Little Liars Episode 2 Recap: This TV Dad Gets It


pretty little liars episode 2

Pretty Little Liars, Episode 2 was a lot like Episode 1, but more, more more. More insinuation that these four girls are guilty of something leading to the death of friend Alison. More crimes added on top of that little murder (a fire?). More girl-making-out-with-teacher, more girl-making-out-with-sister’s-finace. And I love it. Here’s a rundown, character by character:

First, the episode opens with a post-funeral clatch, the girls gathering at the local restaurant/hotspot to lament their fates, the Ali situation, and whatever went on with the blind Jenna, a situation they’ve vowed never to talk about. Plus, the shady cop is still in the picture, and lets them know he’s on to their lies. Plus, there’s a flashback where Alison convinces the crew to stinkbomb a building. Turns out it’s more like a real bomb, causing a real explosion. Is this how Jenna went blind?

And now, the characters:

Aria: Oh, she just can’t stay away from her teacher. She tries. She transfers out of his class, but fate is conspiring against her. First, she and her mother (the always excellent and somehow ageless celeb mom Holly Marie Combs) run into him at the theater, where her mother comments on his sexiness and insists he sit with them. Then, one rainy (total downpour!) eve, he picks her up on the street, since she’s drenched walking home. And then: steamy car scene. Followed by ominous I-Know-What-You-Did email.

Hanna: What’s up with Hanna’s mom and the cop? They’re STILL sleeping together. Is he continuing to blackmail her over Hanna’s shoplifting last episode? I mean, they’re pretty much even now. He knows Hanna shoplifted. Hanna and her mom knows that he’ll sleep with suspects’ moms to make charges disappear. Let’s call it a day on this one. Also, Hanna’s boyfriend is the minister’s son, and is “saving himself” in the sex department.

Spencer: Too painful to dwell on — the charming but icky sister’s finace finally kisses her. She pushes him away, but sister has already seen what happened. End of show: we see him stalking off with his boxes of things. Good riddance!

Emily: My favorite of the girls, Emily is the only one (okay, maybe Aria, too), who’s really going through the right of teenaged finding-herself. She feels actually real. Attracted to the new girl in town, but dating the star basketball guy, she’s not sure where her sexual allegiances lie. And it’s beautiful to watch. New girl slept over for the night, and they nuzzled, and Emily couldn’t have looked more comfortable, so expect lots more of that. Mid-nuzzle, she received an An I-Know-What-You-Did email.

Jenna: Is she the one sending the emails? Pretty‘s writers certainly want us to think so, given the clues they dropped last night. How does she know all of the girls’ secrets? Did Alison tell her before dying? Is Ali possessing Jenna? Does Jenna have second sight?

Best Moment of the Show: Best Moment of the Show goes to my newly appointed best dad on TV. Aria’s dad, played by Chad Lowe, makes my heart ache. Right now, I love him, but I have a hunch he’s going to turn bad. Aria’s been giving him a hard time because she knows (but her mom doesn’t) that he previously had an affair with a woman who teaches in his department (oh, academia!). Infidelity, ooops! He and Aria have a chilly moment directly after she comes in from hooking-up with her teacher, something she knows is wrong but can’t resist (have you seen him? totally understandable). Will father and daughter ever reach détente? Dad wonders. She asks if he loved the affair woman. He tells her he felt for her, but never meant to cheat on Aria’s mom — sometimes your feelings and instincts simply get the best of you, though, and you do things you know you shouldn’t and wish you hadn’t. Been there, thinks Aria.

It’s a gorgeous moment. A true-to-life instance of a father dealing honestly with his daughter, treating her as both an equal and a growing child at the same time. Détente reached. Wish this happened more on TV — and in real life.

What was your favorite moment?