Pretty Little Liars: Who is "A" in ABC Family Hit


watch pretty little liars online pretty little liars pretty little liars premierePretty Little Liars premiered the new season on ABC Family tonight. The series is huge in my household, where tweens and teens rule the TV. If you follow Pretty Little Liars, the big mystery is who is A?

If you read spoilers online or if you’ve read the book series Pretty Little Liars is based on, you already know who “A” is but don’t tell us!  We want to find out for ourselves!

My daughters and their friends are totally obsessed with this series! One thing about Pretty Little Liars that I support as a parent is that one of main characters in the series is gay.AfterEllen reports on this positive trend in TV:

Whitney Friedlander of the LA Times credits the prevalence of queer youth coming-out stories on popular TV shows in promoting a safe environment for today’s youth. Although coming out stories are nothing new on television, there appears to be a trend of younger and younger characters identifying as gay, lesbian and transgender.

If you want to watch Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 1 online, you can either go to ABC Family or