Preview For Madonna's Mother-Daughter Video Hits The Web (Video)


madonna-and-lourdesThe video for Madonna’s single “Celebration” — featuring cameos from both daughter Lourdes Leon and boyfriend/true love Jesus Luz — is slated to hit the web next week. For those who just can’t wait, Madonna’s PR team has released a sneak peak.

I can’t tell if either of the two cameos are shown in this segment. There’s one dancer that kinda looks like Lourdes… kinda. I was expecting to see Madonna and Lourdes dancing together in some sort of quasi-creepy duet.

We did see a video clip of Lourdes dancing along with her mom backstage at one of Madge’s concerts earlier this summer — priceless.

As far as Jesus’ role, who knows? Do you think Jesus is really the love of Madonna’s life? Or just cougar bait?