Preview: New Mom-Daughter Makeover Show "You're Wearing That?!?" (VIDEO)


kimberley lockeA new show on WE tv debuting tonight provides the answer to two questions: 1. What happens when moms and daughters stop being nice and start invading one another’s closets? 2. What is sweet season two “American Idol” finalist Kimberley Locke doing these days?

Apparently she’s still appearing on reality shows. Locke and her mom appear on the premiere of the show tonight at 10 p.m. The concept is simple: Moms and daughters make over each other’s wardrobe, ostensibly in an effort to bring them closer together, but really just so daughters will stop snarking about mom’s 15-year-old Birkenstocks (eww!) and elastic-waist pants.

As you might imagine, there are spats along the way, which is what makes it fun. But there’s also some real emotion, as in the case of Locke and her mom. Keep reading for a preview.

A mature, put-together Locke (so grown up from season two of “Idol!”) tells fashion consultant Luciene Salamone about how much she admires her mother, a cancer survivor who raised two kids on her own. But she also says distastefully, “She loves her T-shirts.”

Mom also has issues with Locke, now 32 and the host of upcoming reality show “Making the Curve.” She shudders when the buttons on her curvy daughter’s shirt strain.

So how will Salamone help them? Check out the preview.

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