Preview: Real Housewives of NY Reunion Part 3 (VIDEO)


The Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 3 airs tonight — and admit, you’re excited, because Part 2 was a hoot.  We already saw in the previews that Ramona goes ballistic (crazy eyes ablazin’!) on Jill regarding her unexpected appearance in St. John and that Jill will ask Bethenny, who looks mortified, for a hug. But my favorite upcoming moment might be Kelly insinuating Ramona and Sonja are big ole’ alcoholics. Let’s hope their kids don’t watch it! Some details and footage next.

When Sonja rejects the notion that Kelly was bullied on the trip, Kelly replies:

“Sonja… Sonja, you were drinking a lot. The entire time, too.”

“No,” Sonja, responds, “before my first drink, you were complaining about some thing.”

Ramona says to Kelly: “You had that whole marriage that you had no ‘feelings’ that you don’t know how to feel” to which Kelly retorts: “Is that what I said? Before or after 10 Pinot Grigios? I mean, your blood type is Pinot Grigio. I mean, honestly!”

Other moments include Kelly bringing up the tired “is Bethenny a chef?” nonsense and Kelly admitting that Sonja didn’t bully her (albeit she was too sloshed to recognize that the other women did.) Video courtesy of (warning – short commercial before footage):